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340B Audit Packages

Compliance Audit

We review all of your 340B related contracts for eligibility and compliance including grants, pharmacy contracts, wholesaler contracts and third party administrator contracts.  We provide an assessment of all compliance findings.

Mock Audit

We utilize HRSA/Bizzell Mock Remote Site Visit (RSV).  This audit includes all areas of the compliance audit, plus review of eligibility and compliance at the entity level and individual patient level for up to 50 claims.  It also includes actual Data Request List (DRL) from HRSA and an assessment of our compliance findings.

Educational Mock Audit

We include everything in the Compliance and Mock Audit packages, plus six detailed training sessions conducted via video conference. These sessions include gathering information from the DRL and explaining what each item requested means and how to be compliant.  We include an assessment of compliance findings and recommendations for a higher quality, more efficient 340B Program.  

340B Program Assessment

For entities that are not fully prepared for a mock audit and in search of a better understanding of where they are within the

340B Program process. 


We include a thorough review of:

       1.) Eligibility 

       2.) Implementation 

       3.) Compliance and 

       4.) Growth


to produce a comprehensive recommendation for a more compliant, efficient, and profitable 340B Program. 

Our Audits Mimic the Testing Procedures of an Actual HRSA Audit Performed by Bizzell

Our Testing Procedure

Our audit approach simulates the HRSA/Bizzell audit process.  Once you are on-boarded as a Ravin Client, the Pre-Audit Communications will begin and will mirror the communications that you would receive in a true HRSA/Bizzell audit.




340B Program Review


Audit Sampling
& Testing


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