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Ravin Consultants would like to thank everyone who took the time to get to know our organization, the love we have for the 340B program and our passion for growing our clients’ practices.

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We understand the bigger picture, offer a personalized experience, and have created a proven success model to get you started with the 340B program, ensure you are compliant and help you grow exponentially. 

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Jennifer Lockwood, MBA, ACHE


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Ravin Consultants partners with healthcare organizations serving vulnerable patients to realize a shared vision of delivering the best care possible to everyone. Our company heritage is the 340B Drug Discount Program – we live it and breathe it all day, every day. Many 340B Consultants merely provide auditing services, but with us, you get so much more. We are a passionate team of 340B experts who have started and grown successful 340B programs across the country. On average, our 340B clients achieve over 800% program revenue growth after contracting for our full-service offerings, which we always deliver with highly personalized, white glove customer service.

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We know all the ins and outs that will save you time and money and will work with you and your grantors to get you 340B eligible in no time. Plus, we will help you build an infrastructure that will set you up for success.

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Our expertise in the 340B Drug Discount Program has led us to famed success across many states and medical providers. Leave it to us to ensure that you become and stay compliant with this program.


We don't stop once you are set up and compliant with the 340B program. That's when we implement comprehensive strategies to grow your practice and bring exponential value to your business.

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