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We understand the bigger picture.

Most 340B consulting firms treat the 340B program as a standalone program—separate and distinct from other aspects of your organization. We know that your 340B program’s success is inextricably tied to other areas of your organization, such as human resources, financial reporting, and operations. 

Our leadership team brings hands-on experience personally running ASOs and medical clinics. We know how all the pieces fit together. We know how small changes in your workflows can profoundly impact your 340B savings.


We offer a personalized experience.

We will not simply implement your program for you— We will optimize it. Your patients deserve the very best personalized care, and that is what we deliver. We are dedicated, patient driven, and  able to provide exceptional service to you and your patients. 

We created a proven success model.

Our track record speaks for itself. On average, our clients achieve an 800% increase in 340B revenue within the first 2 years of going live with the 340B Program. Because this is our company’s primary business, we already have the infrastructure in place. Therefore, we hit the ground running on Day One. 

We become your team.

We call ourselves Ravineers, we are whole-heartedly dedicated to helping our clients and their patients achieve success. Our commitment allows us to feel good about the work we do, and our team environment enables us to have fun doing it. We recently pioneered the first ever virtual happy hour during the National 340B Coalition’s Summer Conference. It was superhero themed and we all wore costumes. We want you to know this because it helps you understand who we are. We are not auditing robots who will simply go through the motions and deliver a report. We will strive to get to know you and to help you know us in return. Together, we will build something spectacular. 

We guarantee our work.

We do not get paid until our clients get paid. Ravin understands that most nonprofits do not have the cash to pay consultants for work before they ever see any of the benefits. Our pricing is competitive. We structure our contracts so that we only get paid when our clients do. 


Why Choose Us?

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