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Get 340B Compliant

What Does 340B Compliance Mean?

Entities are Responsible for Ensuring:

  1. Only eligible patients receive 340B drugs

  2. A Medicaid rebate is not paid on a 340B purchased drug

  3. All entity eligibility requirements are met

Why is 340B Compliance Important?

Covered Entities can face sanctions for non-compliance, including being removed from the 340B program and/or repayment to manufacturers for the time period for which the violation occurred. 

How Can We Help?

Our expertise in the 340B Drug Pricing Program has led us to famed success across many states and medical providers. ​At Ravin Consultants, we take care of ALL of your compliance needs, so you can focus on taking care of your patients. 

When retained for Full Program Management services, we monitor every aspect of your program for you, including:

  • 340B Independent Audits

    • 340B database

    • Encounter Audit 

    • Prescription Audit 

    • HRSA OPAIS Database Audit 


    • Online HIPAA Training (Certificate)

    • HIPAA Policies and Procedures

    • HIPAA Risk Assessments

  • Policies and Procedure Review 

    • ​Review all aspects of 340B purchasing and operations

    • Review billing practices for Medicaid Fee for Service and Managed Care to ensure consistency with state policy and the entity’s 340B database information 

    • Review a report of health care professionals’ NPIs to determine only professionals meeting all aspects outlined in the patient definition write for 340B drugs 

    • Regularly verify referrals for care provided outside the entity


Customized To Your Needs

We believe in ensuring quality care widely to all populations and helping healthcare organizations extend their reach within the community.  Take a look at how we help these organizations increase their 340B funds. 

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