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The Alliance to Protect 340B is a special 340B Health advocacy initiative dedicated to ensuring that 340B stays safe from attempts to reduce or eliminate program discounts. By doing so, we can continue to ensure that your hospital or health system can serve your patients in need, especially those living with low incomes. Hundreds of providers already have contributed to funding the Alliance, and we are asking you to join them TODAY! 

Provide your information in the fields below to be added into 340B Health's email templates, then hit send.  The email will be automatically generated and sent and your information will be kept secured.

Take a stand to protect the 340B Discount Drug Program and our underserved communities by sending any of these emails to your state representatives TODAY!

Visit 340B Health to learn more!


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In honor of Women's History month, Ravin Consultants was honored to participate in the second annual panel discussion, highlighting the Voices of Women Leaders in 340B, featuring our CEO, Jennifer Lockwood hosted by TangoRx.