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Is Your Clinic Ready For The E/M Code Changes Coming January 1st 2021?

Starting 2021, per AMA guidelines, physicians will no longer have to tirelessly count bullet points to assign an evaluation and management level for outpatient office visits. Physicians will now be able to select an E/M code based on total time spent on the encounter date or medical decision making, whichever is most financially advantageous. This streamlined process aims to reduce physician burnout and allow for more time spent on direct patient care.


Senate bill aims to preserve 340B eligibility for hospitals affected by COVID-19 pandemic.


Notice to Covered Entities: Manufacturer Merck Seeking 340B Claims Data.


AstraZeneca Raises the Ante in Drug Industry Push Against 340B Contract Pharmacy


HRSA Eliminates Delay in Use of 340B Drugs in New Hospital Clinic Locations.