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At Ravin Consultants, we proudly embrace the belief that we are all part of one big 340B family. In this tightly-knit community, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are key to our shared success. We are excited to introduce you to some of our essential 340B program partners in the industry who are dedicated to strengthening the 340B program.

Explore the links below to access a wealth of valuable resources:

340B Report – Your Trusted Source for 340B Insights

Discover the latest developments, both big and small, in the federal 340B drug discount program. 340B Report provides independent, comprehensive news coverage and analysis, ensuring you stay informed about critical updates from federal government agencies, Congress, the courts, states, associations, the private sector, academia, and more.

HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) – Your Program Education Hub

HRSA’s OPA is committed to educating and informing 340B Drug Pricing Program stakeholders. Their extensive resources cover everything from registration and implementation to compliance requirements and program integrity. Access educational webinars, FAQs, monthly program updates, audit results, and manufacturer notices to keep your 340B knowledge up-to-date.

Community Voices for 340B – Elevating Awareness Locally

Community Voices for 340B is a grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness of the 340B program’s importance in improving healthcare access and quality of care for communities nationwide. Join CV340B in their mission to educate, enable, and inspire support for the 340B program at the local level. At Ravin Consultants, we believe in the power of unity within the 340B community. These valuable resources and partners are here to support and empower you on your journey. Together, we strengthen the 340B program and make a positive impact on healthcare access and quality.

340B Health – Advocating for Safety-Net Providers

With over 1,500 public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems as members, 340B Health serves as a vital advocate for federal legislative and regulatory issues related to drug pricing and safety-net providers. Stay connected with the latest developments affecting the 340B program through their membership organization.

340B ESP™ – Bridging the Gap

340B ESP™ technology revolutionizes pharmaceutical manufacturer and 340B covered entity collaboration by addressing duplicate discounts. This proprietary platform enables 340B covered entities to securely upload 340B claims data and seamlessly link it to Medicaid and commercial rebate data maintained by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Apexus – Your Partner in Enhancing Patient Care

As the nation’s leader in creating reliable healthcare solutions, Apexus is dedicated to improving patient care through innovative ambulatory pharmacy solutions and support for compliant 340B programs. Explore the 340B University, an all-encompassing roadmap to the 340B Program, and other educational tools and videos provided by Apexus.

Ryan White Clinics

This Program funds grants to states, cities/counties, and local community-based organizations to provide care and treatment services to people living with HIV.

340B University

Educate yourself on the 340B program. Become invaluable in the ever-changing world of healthcare. Click the button to take free classes now.

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