Why choose

Ravin Consultants?

As Ravineers, we are passionate advocates for the 340B program, and our mission is to help our clients and their patients harness its full potential for success.


The Ravin Difference.

“Ravin Consultants is a diverse and inclusive company. Our mission extends beyond our clients and their patients…”

— Jennifer Lockwood

We see the bigger picture. 

While many 340B consulting firms treat the 340B program as a standalone entity, we recognize that its success is intricately connected to other facets of your organization, such as human resources, financial reporting, and operations. Our leadership team boasts firsthand experience in managing ASOs and medical clinics, affording us a comprehensive understanding of how all these elements intersect. We appreciate how even minor adjustments in your workflows can have a profound impact on your 340B savings.

We provide a personalized experience. 

Our commitment extends far beyond mere program implementation – we are dedicated to optimizing your 340B program. We believe your patients deserve the highest level of personalized care, and that’s precisely what we deliver. Our approach is patient-centric, ensuring exceptional service for both you and your patients.

We’ve built a proven success model. 

Our track record speaks volumes. On average, our clients achieve an astounding 800% increase in 340B revenue within the first two years of implementing the program with us. With 340B as our primary focus, we already have the infrastructure in place, enabling us to hit the ground running from day one.

We become an integral part of your team. 

We proudly call ourselves Ravineers, and our unwavering dedication is directed towards helping our clients and their patients succeed. Our commitment to excellence fuels our work, while our vibrant team environment adds an element of fun. As evidence of our dedication to building meaningful relationships, we recently pioneered the first-ever virtual happy hour during the National 340B Coalition’s Summer Conference, complete with superhero-themed costumes. We share this because it reflects who we are. We’re far from being auditing robots who simply deliver reports; we’re here to get to know you, and to help you get to know us in return. Together, we’ll create something truly spectacular.

We stand by our work. 

At Ravin, we understand the financial constraints faced by most nonprofits. Therefore, our payment structure is designed to align with your success. We don’t get paid until you do. Our competitive pricing ensures that our interests are aligned with yours, emphasizing our commitment to your success.

We are Lean Green Belts.

We Ravineers have earned our Green Belts in Lean Healthcare through the Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee. We completed a graduate-level classroom program and led organizational projects to demonstrate our mastery of the material. The Green Belt in Lean Healthcare prepares certificate holders to understand the root causes of operational dysfunction, better identify high-leverage areas for improvement, apply the most common Lean tools to improve operations, and manage human and organizational elements in implementing and sustaining a lean transformation. Of course, we pass all this knowledge along to our clients.
Haslam Lean for Healthcare Green Belt Program

Our Mission

We partner with healthcare organizations that serve vulnerable patients to realize a shared vision of providing the highest quality care to all patients. By optimizing our clients’ 340B programs for growth, we enable them to focus on their core mission of delivering optimal care to everyone.

Our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with our dedication to optimizing the 340B program. We understand that this program is not just about compliance; it’s about leveraging opportunities to enhance patient care, reduce costs, and drive positive outcomes.

As your trusted partner, we go way beyond conducting 340B mock audits. Instead, we deeply engage with your organization to comprehensively understand your unique needs and challenges. By doing so, we can tailor our services to your specific circumstances and objectives.

Through our expert guidance and collaborative approach, we work together with you to unlock the true potential of the 340B program. Together, we build a strategic roadmap that leads to spectacular results, ensuring that your organization benefits fully from this vital initiative.

Simply put, we’re not just 340B consultants; we’re your allies in optimizing the 340B program and achieving the success your patients and organization deserve.

Our team is made up of…


Master Graduates


340B-ACE Certified




Our Team


Jennifer Lockwood, MBA, ACHE

Chief Executive Officer


Robert Ferraro, MBA, PharmD, 340B ACE

Chief Operating Officer


Lauren Navas, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer


William Madden, MBA



Kirsty Gutierrez, MHA

Director of Quality & Development


Jaclyn Hahn, PharmD, 340B ACE

Director of Pharmacy


Dhvani Derasari, PharmD

Director of Compliance


Brea Long, CPhT, CSPT, CPhT-Adv, 340B ACE

Client Success Manager


Monika Bartsch, CPhT, RPhT, PRS, MBA, 340B ACE 

Compliance Consultant

Monika Bartsch, CPhT, RPhT, PRS, MBA. 340B ACE 

Compliance Consultant


Jessica Woods, AS

Sr. 340B Compliance Specialist


DeAnna Dale, BA

Marketing & Events Manager


Wayne Theriot, MBA

Accounting Specialist


Megan Messinger

Exec. Administrative Assistant

Think you have what it takes to be a Ravineer?

Ravin Consultants is a diverse and inclusive company. Our mission extends beyond our clients and their patients. We believe that remarkable work is only possible with remarkable people, who feel supported and care about each other. We take a whole-hearted approach to everything we do but have many laughs along the way.

Fun Facts

We are 100% woman-owned!

We see ourselves as a family (and family-oriented).

Furry friends often join our team meetings.

We LOVE sports!

We are a diverse bunch of passionate, interesting people – our team boasts:

  • A blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • A Disney Dancer
  • A National Tennis Champion
  • A Golden Globe Red Carpet Walker
  • A West-Berlin native, born when the wall was still up
  • A Year’s Supply of Oreo Cookies Winner
  • A “skoolie” who made a beautiful home out of a school bus
  • A trilingual PharmD
  • A world traveler of 26 countries and counting
  • A grandchild of a British Yeoman (Beefeater/Queen’s Guard)
  • A descendant of a Navy Sea Bee born in Yokosuka, Japan