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Welcome to the path of maximizing your 340B Program’s potential with Ravin Consultants. We are your strategic partners, 340b optimization and program expansion, while ensuring its financial success, operational efficiency, and enhanced patient care. Discover how we touch every aspect of your program for holistic growth:



Review of 340B KPIs – Our financial experts conduct a comprehensive review of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify areas of improvement and potential savings.

Forecast Projection – We provide accurate forecast projections to help you plan for the future, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your program’s financial trajectory.

Analytical Encounter Review – Our detailed analysis of patient encounters ensures that every eligible patient is captured, maximizing your program’s financial impact.



Workflow Optimization – We optimize your operational workflows to streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance program performance.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys – Gathering patient feedback is vital. We conduct patient satisfaction surveys to identify areas where you can improve patient care and program effectiveness.

Role-based Scripting – Our role-based scripting ensures that your staff is well-prepared to effectively communicate with patients about the 340B Program.

Credentialing Services – We assist with the credentialing process to ensure all necessary providers are included in your program.

Feasibility Studies – Our feasibility studies help you explore expansion opportunities and assess the potential for growth in new areas.



Annual Strategic and Marketing Planning – We work with you to develop an annual strategic plan that aligns your marketing efforts with your program’s goals.

Advertising/Promotion Support – Our experts provide advertising and promotion support to boost program visibility and patient engagement.

Digital, Website & Social Media Expertise – We leverage digital channels and social media to amplify your program’s reach and impact.

Directory Search – We ensure that your organization is accurately listed in directories, making it easy for patients to find you.

Reputation Management – We monitor provider and rating sites to help you maintain a positive online reputation.

Human Resources


Onboarding Orientation – Our onboarding orientation programs ensure that your staff is well-acquainted with the 340B Program’s objectives and requirements.

On-going Education – Continuous education keeps your team up-to-date with program changes and compliance.

Job Description Review – We review job descriptions to ensure that roles align with program needs.

Information Technology


Annual EMR Optimization with 340B – We integrate your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system with the 340B Program, ensuring seamless operations and accurate data management.

Customized 340B


Unlock the Power of DataIn the fast-paced world of healthcare, knowledge is power. The 340B Program Optimizer Dashboard is your compass to navigate the intricacies of the 340B program with precision.

Track Permormance – Keep track of key performance indicators(KPIs) such as revenue, savings, number of patients, claims, locations, pharmacies, program usage (capture rate), and more!

Pharmacy Network Analysis & Implementation

Whether you are looking to launch a new pharmacy or optimize and grow your existing pharmacy network, Ravin Consultants can help. We start with an in-depth and detailed pharmacy network analysis. This will work to effectively identify your prescription capture rate and determine any underutilized pharmacies or new pharmacies that should be added to your program. We will form solid recommendations and help you work to implement the recommendations every step of the way.

With Ravin Consultants, you have a dedicated partner committed to 340B optimization, expansion, and growth comprehensively. Our holistic approach ensures that every facet of your program is aligned to deliver the best results for your organization and your patients.

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