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Ravin Consultants is a diverse and inclusive company. Our mission extends beyond our clients and their patients. We believe that remarkable work is only possible with remarkable people, who feel supported and care about each other. We take a whole-hearted approach to everything we do but have many laughs along the way. Check out the positions we are actively seeking to fill below.

340B Support Specialist

We are seeking a dedicated 340B Support Specialist to join our dynamic team of 340B experts. The ideal candidate will have basic knowledge of the 340B Drug Pricing Program and will have experience working in a health center, hospital, or pharmacy. As a 340B Support Specialist, you will play a vital role in supporting 340B Lead Consultants and ensuring Ravin’s clients remain compliant with 340B regulations.

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We love this place. And here’s why…

“I founded Ravin Consultants with a vision to create a company that could transform industries, empower individuals, and make a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. Today, I couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come. Our journey of growth has been incredible, but what truly fills my heart with pride is the positive change we’ve brought to the lives of our team members, clients, and the communities we serve. The future is bright, and I am excited to see what more we can achieve together.”

Jennifer Lockwood

Chief Executive Officer

“One of the many things I love and appreciate about working at Ravin is the dynamic synergy with my intelligent and passionate teammates, and the continuous opportunities for learning. Our culture encourages both personal and professional development, whether it’s through formal training sessions or sharing our expertise within the team. There is a sense of purpose and fulfillment working at Ravin that nurtures our shared commitment to serving our broader community and supporting the mission of the 340B program.”

Kirsty Gutierrez

Director of Quality & Development

“Ravin Consultants is not just a workplace; it’s a teaching firm that recognizes the importance of investing in our employees’ development. Ravin provides ample opportunities for professional growth, skill-building workshops, and a supportive learning environment where diversity is celebrated and acknowledged.”

Dhvani Derasari

PharmD Senior 340B Auditor

“I love working for Ravin for many reasons. The team atmosphere is extremely pleasant from the top down. Anyone on our team can bring an idea and it will be considered and discussed, everyone is empowered to complete their work in a flexible and efficient manner. The work is fulfilling,  we work with the most amazing organizations and I’m so proud to see them out there thriving and effecting change in their communities.”
Robert Ferraro

Chief Operating Officer

“Working for Ravin has provided me with the opportunity to have a great work life balance. I do not have to choose between being a present Mom or staying in the workforce. I’m able to do both!”

Jessica Woods

Senior 340B Compliance Specialist

“Working at Ravin Consultants is an exhilarating journey where rapid growth and doing good converge. Our team’s commitment to innovation and social responsibility is what makes this place so extraordinary. Every day, we’re not just building a brighter future for our company, but also for the communities we touch. Join us, and be part of a thriving adventure where success and positive impact go hand in hand.”

Lauren Navas

Chief Marketing Officer

“At Ravin Consultants, we’ve fostered a remarkable family environment where every member feels not just supported, but truly embraced. It’s a place where your growth is not just encouraged; it’s celebrated. Join us, and experience the unique joy of working in a team that’s more than just colleagues – we’re a family, propelling each other to new heights.”

DeAnna Dale

Marketing and Events Manager

“Working for Ravin Consultants is truly a gratifying experience. The organizational culture here fosters a collaborative and creative environment, where effective communication and idea exchange are not only encouraged, but essential to our success. Ravin Consultants places a strong emphasis on personal and professional growth, offering continuous learning opportunities and career development opportunities. This commitment aligns with my own aspirations, allowing me to expand my skills and advance in my career. Moreover, Ravin Consultants values work-life balance, promoting employee well-being and ensuring a positive and sustainable work environment. Overall, the combination of a vibrant workplace culture, opportunities for growth, and a focus on employee welfare makes my place of employment an ideal and enjoyable setting for me to thrive in my career.”

Brea Long

Client Success Manager

“Ravin Consultants has provided me with the opportunity to join a company at its inception, enabling me to learn, contribute, and advance as a Finance professional right from its early stages. I have developed a strong attachment to Ravin Consultants, both as an individual and a valued employee, due to the mutual commitment we established from day one. The flexibility between office-based work and remote work aligns perfectly with my preferences and prior experience, granting me operational efficiency and the freedom to not only meet but surpass my professional goals. The level of communication at Ravin Consultants surpasses any other company I have encountered in my 30+ years of experience, and I eagerly anticipate continued success.”

Bill Madden



Benefits, Perks & Extras


  • Remote Work
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Advanced Technology
  • Fun Work Environment
  • Discretionary Bonuses
  • Professional Education Development


At Ravin Consultants, we offer the following insurance plans:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life

Our health plans provide two tiered options to best suit you and your family’s needs. Employee plans are paid for up to 100% based on the plan selected.


Full-time employees are eligible to participate in an IRA retirement plan with 4% employer match.