Pharmacy Network Analysis

and Implementation.
Whether you are looking to launch a new pharmacy or optimize and grow your existing pharmacy network, Ravin Consultants can help. We start with an in-depth and detailed pharmacy network analysis. This will work to effectively identify your prescription capture rate and determine any underutilized pharmacies or new pharmacies that should be added to your program. We will form solid recommendations and help you work to implement the recommendations every step of the way.
Leveraging the expertise of our 340B-ACE certified team and pharmacists with decades of clinical experience, we offer a beginning-to-end solution for all your 340B pharmacy needs.

Pharmacy Services

Detailed Pharmacy Network Analysis with Recommendations

In-House Pharmacy Feasibility Evaluation

Explore potential locations for pharmacy supported with market and data analysis of prescription trends and patient demographics.

In-House Pharmacy Implementation Support

Navigate Board of Pharmacy application process with experts assisting in state specific requirements needed for new pharmacy.

Assist in pharmacy design and build-out according to board of pharmacy’s requirements and regulations.

Compare pharmacy management software systems and assist with implementation.

Establish 3rd party payer contracts (insurance contracts) including state specific programs such as Medicaid.

Evaluate initial inventory costs and needs depending on client mix and patient needs.

Wholesaler account setup- specifically for 340B services and needs for different accounts depending on services offered (GPO, WAC).

Assist in DEA application to purchase and dispense controlled substances at new pharmacy.

On-going Program Support

Assist with ongoing compliance relating to Board of Pharmacy audits, rules, and regulations related to the 340B program.

Develop future program savings projections once pharmacy is implemented.

Continued insurance support post launch of pharmacy.

Human Resource Support

Develop job descriptions and evaluate initial and on-going support staff needs.

Evaluate staffing needs and train pharmacy staff- specifically in 340B pharmacy management.

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