Meet Our Ravineer

Brea Long

340B ACE, CPhT, CSPT, CPhT-Adv


Client Success Manager

Brea brings more than 25 years of pharmacy expertise and holds a 340B Ace Certification. Her career journey began with a decade of experience as a Pharmacy Technician in the retail sector, where she concentrated on patient care and enhancing the overall patient experience. Subsequently, she transitioned to the hospital environment, where she spent 15 years as a 340B Manager, responsible for overseeing and managing the 340B programs of DSH, CAH, and SCH hospitals.

Brea holds a deep passion for the 340B Program and takes great satisfaction in guiding clients through program comprehension and facilitating its growth. She also possesses invaluable experience in navigating HRSA audits, equipping clients with the knowledge and preparation necessary to handle potential future audits.

Brea enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, and taking long walks with her two Dalmatians.